Proposals for manuscripts and abstracts must be submitted in CDART.

The GIC will monitor submissions and notify the Publications and Presentations Committee of new manuscript proposals for review.

The committee will assign reviewers, discuss reviews, vote on approval, make scientific and analytic recommendations, and establish necessary priorities needed at the GIC to process and/or analyze the data.

After a proposal is approved, a writing group will be finalized by the committee with the advice of the proposer. All members of the writing group should review and approve the final manuscript draft before its submission to the committee. The lead author should submit the final draft manuscript for review via CDART.

Two reviewers are assigned by the committee to ensure SPIROMICS data are accurately represented. The lead author must also provide quarterly status updates after the manuscript proposal is approved until it has been published. The complete SPIROMICS Publications and Presentations Policy, SPIROMICS Acknowledgment and Funding Statement, and other documentation can be found below.

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Title Resources
Abstract, Proposal, and Manuscript Tracking Form (MTS) DOCX
Manuscript Tracking System Demo Video link